What To Expect On Luxury Sicily Tours

The word luxury can mean many different things to various people and businesses. When it comes to luxury in the tourism industry, we believe luxury means providing a one-of-a-kind experience that includes elegant accommodations, unique culinary experiences, and the opportunity to see some of the most unique and historical sites in and around Sicily.

Specialized Tour Packages

Our luxury Sicily tours are available in packages that provide our guests with a specific focus. This can include tours that take you to ancient sites to explore archeological digs, or tours for those with a passion for cooking, wine tasting, sport fishing, scuba diving, golf or horseback riding.

Each luxury Sicily tours package includes amazing accommodations in highly rated hotels in the areas we travel, and some of the finest dining found throughout the country. There are guided events that are both entertaining and educational, and there are also days built in where our guests can spend time exploring and learning on their own.

Custom Tours

Many of our clients have specific areas of the country they wish to visit, or they have an itinerary that may include cities, areas, and events that are not part of our packages. For these types of requests, we offer fully customized luxury Sicily tours, designed to meet the needs of our guests.

Our team of experts can plan custom tours to include just what you want to see and experience. These tours can also be modified to accommodate any special requirements you may have, including the length of the tour and the types of accommodation you prefer.

To find out more about our packages and our custom tours, call us today toll free at +1(855) 539 0045.