Sicily Grand Tour

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    Tour Details

    14 Nights/15 Days

    Arrive in Palermo and Depart from Palermo


    Day 01:Palermo Arrival | Private Transfer to Cefalu` Hotel

    Welcome to Sicily! On your arrival at Palermo Airport, you will pick up your luggage from the appropriate carousel and then proceed to exit. Just outside the Exit of the protected area meet your English-Speaking Assistant. Porterage arrangements have been made for 2 luggage each. Your Private Driver will transfer to your hotel in Cefalu`. We suggest an early dinner and a good night sleep. Overnight in Cefalu`.

    Day 02:Afternoon Cefalu` Private Boat Tour

    Breakfast at the Hotel. Morning and lunch at leisure. In the early afternoon, meet your Driver at the Hotel Lobby to be transferred to Cefalu’ Port. This afternoon you will discover one of the most beautiful coastal towns in Italy and one of the most frequently visited Sicilian destinations: experience a 4 Hours Private boat tour all along the Coast of Cefalù, with stops for swimming and snorkeling and happy hour on board. Start of the boat tour with first stop to admire the medieval old town: one of the most charming landscape in Sicily where the small streets and the colorful houses are dominated by the imposing rocky crag La Rocca and by the 12th century Norman Cathedral, which is one of the finest in Italy, now part of the Unesco World Heritage. The next stop will be the beach of Cefalù, one of the most beautiful beaches in Sicily, thanks to its white sand and crystalline sea, populated by locals and tourists from all over the world during the hot months. Here you will have the chance to swim and snorkel. The tour continues with the visit of the Santa Lucia Grotto, accessible only from the sea, and dominated by the exclusive resort Club Med, located on the top of the cliff. The last stop will be at the Bay of Mazzaforno, where you will discover the beach of Sette Frati: set in a picturesque landscape, it enchants visitors for its extraordinary charm. Swim and snorkel into the sea, admiring its colors ranging from emerald green to turquoise at the deepest points. Once back on board, enjoy a rich happy hour prepared by your captain with local products and wine. At the end of the tour, you will return to the port of Cefalù. Private transfer back to your Hotel. Overnight in Cefalù.

    Day 03:Cefalu` → Milazzo → Lipari Island Hotel → Private Boat Tour

    Enjoy a full buffet breakfast at your hotel. Meeting with the driver at your hotel. This morning you will transfer to Milazzo where you will board a Hydrofoil to Lipari Island. Once in Lipari meet your driver to be transferred to your Hotel. Lunch at leisure. In the early afternoon meet your driver at the hotel lobby. Private transfer to the closet Pier to enjoy a 4 Hours Private Boat Tour. This will be a private tour; it will just be you and your Family. The boat and the private skipper will be entirely dedicated to you. The itinerary may be customized based on your wishes. Onboard you will find; towels, drinks and snorkeling gear. You will explore Lipari together with your skipper traveling on a Private Boat. Major places of interest:
     Vinci: Stop in the isolated bay near a small sea arch and enjoy an amazing view of Vulcano to the South and unique coastal rock formation along and offshore the Southern coast of Lipari. Swim in crystal clear waters next to stunning cliff faces topped with green vegetation.
     Vallemura: Anchor in this large bay and swim or take the dinghy to the unique grey beach made up of fine sand and small pebbles. Isolated from civilization, with cobalt waters and an amazing view of the coastal cliffs of Lipari.
     Porticello: one of the most unique destinations and a must to see. This anchorage next to an old pumice mine has crystal clear turquoise water. Swim to an isolated white pumice beach.

    At the end of the tour, your skipper will accompany you to Lipari port where your private driver will transfer you to your Hotel. Overnight in Lipari.

    Day 04:Lipari Private Tour

    Breakfast at the Hotel. Meet your Driver/Guide at the Hotel Lobby. Let’s start by leaving Lipari town in a northward direction. The first place you will get to is Canneto a town which was inhabited exclusively by those working in the pumice caves nearby until a few decades ago, but which is now almost entirely a tourist town. There’s nothing to see here except the beach which is the biggest on Lipari. Look out to sea and your gaze will be drawn to Panarea and Stromboli on the horizon. A feature of Lipari and the Aeolian islands, in general, is its view which changes continually but there’s always an island or rock stack emerging from the sea. As you continue the road begins to climb and the views of cliffs, bays and the island of Salina are even more spectacular. You will find Porticello a few kilometers further north, then another stop or two to admire the panorama and take a few photos of the northern side of the island and then the road starts to descend once more to the enchanting village of Acquacalda, stretched out on its stony beach, an oasis of white houses and blue sea, of light and serenity. Lunch at Ristorante Aurora, where it feels like you’re in the middle of the sea, the views over the archipelago are superb as is the fresh fish cooked to Eolian recipes. You leave Acquacalda again after lunch. On the western side of the island our road turns inland but continues to supply us with great views. You pass the towns of Quattropani and Pianoconte and the more agricultural side of the island. You can turn off the main road on side roads in a seaward direction one of which takes you to the Terme di San Calogero, one of the oldest thermal baths in the Mediterranean and now largely abandoned. The views now are eastward towards Salina and south in the direction of the island of Vulcano. On the last stretch of road, before we return to Lipari from the west, you catch sight of pretty coves, rock stacks, and sulfurous fumes rising from Vulcan’s craters. You’ll spend the final hours of the afternoon exploring Lipari’s historic town center, climbing up from the port along with Corso Vittorio Emanuele past shops selling local crafts, trattorias and ice cream shops. On route from the Corso to the castle, the old town’s shady alleyways are pleasant to walk in and you can stop off for water ice and continue beyond the walls to the cathedral and the Amphitheatre from which the views down to the sea and Marina Corta are beautiful. Late afternoon return to your Hotel in Lipari. Overnight in Lipari.

    Day 05:Lipari at Leisure

    Breakfast at the Hotel. Today spend the day at leisure. Overnight in Lipari.

    Day 06:Lipari → Milazzo → Lunch → Taormina

    Breakfast at the Hotel. Meet your Driver in the lobby. Transfer to Lipari Port where you will board a Hydrofoil to Milazzo. Upon your arrival, meet your Private Driver who will transfer you to your hotel in Taormina. On route, you will stop for lunch in a characteristic local restaurant along the Coast. On arrival check-in at the Hotel. Rest of the day at leisure. Overnight in Taormina.

    Day 07:Taormina/Giardini Naxox Coast Private Boat Tour

    Breakfast at the Hotel. Meet your driver at the hotel lobby. Today you will enjoy a Private Boat Tour of the Taormina/Giardini Naxos area. This boat excursion will enable you to enjoy the Sicilian east coast dominated by the bulk of Europe’s largest volcano, Etna. To begin this adventure will sail with our boat in the direction of the Timpa di Acireale, named for the characteristic shape of the lava flows superimposed over millions of years and eroded by the sea. Finally, we’ll reach the famous Riviera of the Cyclops: Capo Mulini, Aci Trezza and Aci Castello, which are part of the beautiful natural reserve of Isole. You can attend one of the most impressive shows that nature can offer, I Faraglioni. The legend tells us that the Cyclops Polyphemus throw these stones from slopes of Mount Etna against Ulysses and his fellow trying to escape from him. Then we come back to Giardini Naxos. The Bay of Naxos closes with the Capo Taormina, rock structure that is erected by the sea on which stands the enchanting Taormina. We’ll stop here to have a lunch buffet on board. During the entire excursion, you can have an open bar of soft drinks. The most advanced end of the Capo Taormina is characterized by a huge rock on which is placed across, hence the name given by locals, Scoglio della Croce. Under the head creates a wonderful “natural pool” where we will stop to give you the opportunity to swim in the crystal-clear sea and maybe go see the Grotta del Giorno about 25m deep, the cave is populated by the characteristic flora and fauna as sea urchins, starfish, shrimp, eels and coral. Later it will open to your view the lovely Bay Isola Bella characterized by green vegetation and the presence of a residence built in 1954 by a noble family from Messina. In the beautiful bay of Isola Bella, there is the Grotta Azzurra with its characteristic depth of 30m is outstanding for its rich flora and fauna and the intense blue color that the sun’s rays through the water of the sea give the cave. Finally, we enter in the Bay of Mazzarò and sail towards the Bay of Siren’s natural creek which offers a unique atmosphere. Late afternoon you will continue to your Hotel in Taormina. Overnight in Taormina.

    Day 08:Taormina at Leisure

    Breakfast at the Hotel. Today spend the day at leisure. The gods must have been smiling on Taormina because this Sicilian town has been blessed with heavenly beauty. Taormina, the ancient Taurominum, is a spot of infinite loveliness, the land of Dolce far niente – of sweet do nothing. The town lies in an elevated position of amazing, almost unique beauty, affording magnificent views combining sea and sky of a marvelous blue, miles of a curving coastline and picturesque mountain scenery, while the majestic pyramid of Mt. Etna on one side constitutes a scene of indescribable beauty. You may want to visit the Greco-Roman Theatre, one of the most striking monuments of antiquity. Overnight in Taormina.

    Day 09:Taormina → Syracuse Private Guided Tour

    Breakfast at the Hotel. Meet your Driver at the Hotel lobby. Today you will travel to Syracuse to meet your Guide for a Private Tour. More than any other city, Syracuse encapsulates Sicily’s timeless beauty. Ancient Greek ruins rise out of lush citrus orchards, cafe tables spill onto dazzling baroque piazzas, and medieval lanes lead down to the sparkling blue sea. It’s difficult to imagine now but in its heyday, this was the largest city in the ancient world, bigger even than Athens and Corinth. Almost three millennia later, the ruins of that then-new city constitute the Parco Archeologico Della Neapolis, one of Sicily’s greatest archaeological sites. Across the water from the mainland, Ortygia remains the city’s most beautiful corner, a casually chic, eclectic marvel with an ever-growing legion of fans. You will visit the ancient Greek theater, cut in the rock of the Temenite hill, the Nymphaeum fountain and the beautiful panorama from the top of the hill. Explore the “latomie del Paradiso” ancient stone quarries, the beautiful local flora, the “Ear of Dionysius”, a grotto famous for its shape and echo and the Roman Amphitheater. After Lunch in a characteristic local restaurant, you will visit the Island of Ortigia, where you will find the Cathedral Square and be surprised by the magnificent bright limestone buildings: the town hall, Palazzo Beneventano, the bishop’s palace and St. Lucy’s Church, but most of all the Cathedral itself, the only church still in use today which time ago was a pagan temple. You will continue to Aretusa Fountain near the sea. The myth of Aretusa was told by Ovidius and in its clear freshwater grows papyrus which probably was brought here when Archimedes lived in town. On the way back, you may want to go through the Jewish Quarter to Via Maestranza, the street where the nobility of the town had their pompous homes. On Archimedes Square, the neoclassical Fountain of Diana remembers once more the glorious past of Syracuse. Late afternoon you will continue to your Hotel. Overnight in Syracuse.

    Day 10:Syracuse at Leisure

    Breakfast at the Hotel. Today spend the day at leisure. Overnight in Syracuse.

    Day 11:Syracuse → Valley of Temples → Agrigento

    Breakfast at the Hotel. Meet your driver at the Hotel lobby and Private transfer to Agrigento. After lunch in a characteristic local restaurant, meet your private guide. Enjoy a guided tour of the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Valley of the Temples, an incredible archeological spot on a hill, dating back to 430 BC. On the eastern edge of the cliff, you find the Temple of Demeter, the Rock Sanctuary of Demeter and Persephone. Further down along the Via Panoramica, you get to the Temple of Juno. In front of the temple, the remains of the ‘sacrificial altar. Leaving the temple, you walk along the Via Sacra, a modern road that cuts from east to west the Hill of the Temples. On the left, there are the remains of the Greek walls and Byzantine arcosolia. Further down the ‘Antiquarium of Christian Agrigento and the Temple of Concordia, one of the best-preserved in the world along with the Greek temple of Hera at Paestum and the Temple of Hephaistos. Then continue the temple of Hercules (Heracles), the oldest temple in Agrigento. Under the temple, a few meters away, you can see a tomb of Roman times, improperly called “Tomb of Theron”. You walk across the new footbridge over the modern road and access the area of the colossal Temple of Olympian Zeus. Continuing towards Villaseta, a path to the right leads to the Temple of Vulcan or Hephaestus. There are the base and two columns left. Returning to the Porta Aurea continue to the (Temple of Asclepius) and San Leone. Late afternoon you will continue to your Hotel. Overnight in Agrigento.

    Day 12:Agrigento Coastal Tour with Driver/Guide

    Breakfast at the Hotel. Meet your Driver/Guide at the lobby. This morning you will explore the coast between Agrigento and Sciacca, dotted with long white sandy beaches encircled by sand dunes and white cliffs. Coming from Agrigento, there are three beaches you should visit: The Turkish Stairs near Realmente, a white cliff that the wind has shaped like an enormous staircase plunging into the sea. Torre Salsa: between Siculiana Marina and Eraclea Minoa extends the World Wildlife Federation reserve of Torre Salsa, where chalk cliffs alternate with long, golden beaches. Beach access points are varied and can be found in Montallegro. Eraclea Minoa: a white, sandy shore of 5 km, circled by a dune and protected by a compact forest. In the coastal waters of the beach lie the ruins of the Greek-Roman city of Eraclea. The itinerary may be customized with your Driver Guide based on your wishes. Lunch at leisure (Not Included). Late afternoon you will return to your Hotel. Overnight in Agrigento.

    Day 13:Agrigento → Planeta Winery in Ulmo → Palermo

    Breakfast at the Hotel. Meet your driver at the Hotel lobby and Private transfer to your Hotel in Agrigento. On route enjoy a delightful Food and Wine Tour at Planeta Winery in Ulmo. In mid-morning, you will reach Planeta Winery in Ulmo. Located near the village of Sambuca di Sicilia, on the shores of Lake Arancio, Ulmo was the first Planeta winery, opened in 1995. An ancient 16th-century stone farmhouse overlooks the estate which is also home to the Iter Vitis open-air museum dedicated to the history of the Sicilian viticulture. The Segreta nature trail offers three possible walks through the vineyards, allowing visitors to discover wild spots and unique landscapes. Planeta, a leading winemaker for both Italian and international markets, has a strong presence in Sicily, with 370 hectares of proprietary vineyards and five wineries located in different areas of the region. Here at Ulmo in 1995 Planeta built their first winery, in the most delightful countryside and just a few meters farmhouse dating from 1500 which has always been owned by the Planeta family. Early afternoon you will continue to your Hotel in Palermo. Overnight in Palermo.

    Day 14: Palermo and Monreale Private Guided Tour

    Enjoy a full buffet breakfast at your hotel. Meeting with the driver and guide at your hotel for a 3-hour guided tour of Palermo. Your guide will show you the highlights of historic Palermo, the capital of ancient Sicily. Colonized by the Phoenicians, Sicily boasts a rich 3,000 years of history, which particularly flourishing under the Arab and Norman rule. The many great empires that once ruled Sicily’s capital left behind wonderfully diverse architecture, from Roman to Byzantine to Arab-Norman, which we will view in the city’s palaces, churches and crypts. You will also visit “The Ballarò”, a Palermo Food street market which is a cacophony of sights and sounds. Here you will find a colorful assortment of fruits, vegetables, fish and meats to vendors barking about bargains for anybody who will listen. The ambiance is punctuated by colored tarpaulins suspended as “tents” to protect the wares from the elements. After Lunch/Food and Wine Tour in a characteristic local farm, together with your guide, you will travel to Monreale, a nearby hilltop town that boasts sweeping views over Palermo. Soak up the views, and then pay a visit to the Cathedral of Monreale. Stand in awe as you gaze at the cathedral’s golden mosaics and work out the biblical scenes that they represent. Another highlight is the columns of the Benedictine Cloister, which are carved with religious and mythological scenes. In the late afternoon travel, back to your Palermo hotel. Overnight in Palermo.

    Day 15:Palermo Departure

    Breakfast at the Hotel. This morning at the appropriate time, enjoy a Private Transfer to Palermo Airport. Arrivederci! Ciao! Buon Viaggio!

    Tour Inclusions

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